Introducing the new ZimPOS! For every kind of business; tailor made to help you be efficient



The ZimPOS software is the right software for you if you want to automate your business, this includes creaating your invoices, quotations, generating daily reports and virtually all of the necessary things done in day to day business, but only this time you’re using a computer to do all of it. Everything is kept in one place and ready to be retrieved at any time, provided you just have internet connection; the software also has a Dashboard which gives you a summary of how your business is doing.

•  It Is A web base application, it can be accessed using a web browser e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome

•  Users are encouraged to use the above mentioned browsers for better performance

•  The ZimPOS system uses SQL Database

ZimPOS Features

After a successful login the administrator (the user who can perform all the CRUD functions: Create, Read, Update & Delete and view the whole system at large) will land on the Dashboard page (which is mentioned in a section to follow) and have a number of options or functions to his access, the admin can visit the following menu items, namely:

•  POINT OF SALE menu item (where the selling is done from)
•  DAY END menu item (where you create the day-end report)
•  MASTER menu item (here items like Tax, Payment method, Warehouse & Stock inventory type are defined)
•  PRODUCT menu item (here you can view existing products, add to that list, add product image when creating or editing a product)
•  PURCHASES menu item
•  SALES  menu item
•  ACCOUNTS menu item
•  DUE (BORROW) PAYMENT menu item
•  REPORTS menu item




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The Dashboard



                   The dashboard menu item

The Dashboard is the real deal. It helps you keep on track with your business and to keep it running, providing displays such as the Stock Alert card which will lead you to see a product(s) which need(s) to be ordered, so you’re not only informed at the time when you can’t sell it because you don’t have it. On the Dashboard you can view the Today’s Purchase Value, Today’s Sale Value, Today’s Profit, Today’s Profit with Tax, Overall Stock Alert, Total Users, Total Customers, Total Suppliers and Total number of roles (Manager, Accountant, Sales rep, etc.).







Product menu item

Just to view more of what you’d see using the system.

This menu item (Product) opens up 3 other menu items to choose from (under product), namely : Product Category, Product List & Update Stocks sub-menu items

Under these menu items functions can be performed depending on the permissions you have assigned to the users on the system.

Here’s what you’d see when you click on the Product menu item, and specifically the Product List sub-menu item.

Here you can create a new product, increase line product prices, increase all product prices and vice versa, you’re able to copy the produxt list, export the list (more on exporting & printing will follow on this page) or print it.




We’ll give you just two more…


Point of Sale interface



       — Point of Sale — menu item

On your left is the interface for the actual point of sale. This is where the cashier would operate from to make sales – the main money making element for your business. Just some simple steps to follow to make a sale and have this recorded by your software.

1st. Search for the product 2nd. Specify quantity 3rd. Add the product (using the orange add icon) 4. Write customer name (optional) 5. Pay out and Print!

(When you click on Pay out and Print you will see the print preview which will show the fiscal receipt with Vat, Subtotal and Total)





Forms example

(E.g. When you want to create an Invoice & want to do your Day End report)

Invoice form
Day End form
















The above two items are just an example of what you would use when you want to create an invoice (image on the left) and what you would use when you want to create your day end report (image on the right).


Exporting & Printing

You have the ability to export and print all your lists (lists include: Products list, Customers list, Suppliers list, Users list, Quotations list and a tonne more) and you can also print them and your reports too!



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